First of all:

I enjoy art, music, fashion, board- and ballsports, traveling, cloudscapes, and the ocean.

My career started at 1987.

After three years of work and apprenticeship in an advertising agency in the south of Germany, I worked as a junior graphic designer. After this I started my studies as a communication designer.

After I finished this I started to work at a company for water treatment – that worked as one of the first players with an sustainable approach to energy business – as the advertising director and was responsible for marketing and studied business administration beside the daily work.

After this period full with valuable experience in the European market. I changed my place of living and worked in an advertising agency now as senior graphic designer in the North of Germany right at the Baltic Seaside.

At 2000 I started my own business (NAEOMEDIA) with advertising, media design, graphic design, photography, and with film making ... and still enjoy every moment of it daily. Which results in high quality work added by pure passion. Which my customers appreciate highly.

Thomas Klütsch